Tình nhân không bao giờ đòi cưới

Tình nhân không bao giờ đòi cưới - Trang Hạ #booksiboughtonsummervacationcuzijustcantresistthetemptationduh no.3

To be honest, because this book is about romantic relationships aka I'm not the target audience, so I didn't expect anything much from the start.


- The cover is gorgeous and also very symbolistic.
- I love T.H.'s personality: very independent and straightforward.


- Chapter 26: The author passed her judgment too fast, contrary to what she later wrote in chapter 37:
Bạn có thể nghe kể xấu, hoặc nhìn thấy một điều xấu xí, nhưng bạn làm sao biết, bên trong họ là một cuộc đời?

Nhưng bạn biết không, đó là những lời khắc trên một chiếc vò đồng của Ai Cập đã lưu truyền hàng nghìn năm qua!

There are still uncertainty about whether the quote is made up or not. Another source also quoted this and cited it to [b:I Seem To Be A Verb|924075|I Seem To Be A Verb|R. Buckminster Fuller|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1298909343s/924075.jpg|909092]. Even if the quote is real, it was inscribed on a tomb, not a pitcher.

- Chapter 41: unrelated topics. Tea and sociology within 3 pages?
Sống, Thơm, và Yêu đều là động từ!

According to Wiktionary, the definitions of thơm are as following:

(n) a species of pineapple commonly found in southern Vietnam
(v) (colloquial, not on the lips) to kiss
(adj) fragrant; of a pleasant aroma

But on the next 3 pages, she went on to talk about the "fragance" meaning. Is this T.H.'s idea of a word play? If so, then it's really lame tbh.

Trước khi đi khỏi nhà, nhớ đổi pass wifi hoặc pass máy tính, pass mạng internet. Sau đó vênh mặt mỉm cười bước đi. Đảm bảo sau tối đa 24 tiếng, có người về rước các nàng liền, vì đã hiểu ra tầm quan trọng của vợ.

By saying that, you're assuming that all men are stupid enough to not to know how to change a goddamn wifi password, or install a TV remote app on their phones.

- Although T.H. herself could be considered a female activist, she still holds somewhat stereotypical views on both men and women. Asian influences?

- Now to the visual side: Did C.H. just did a Google image search of love and chose a bunch of stock photos to put it on here? They were blurred and cropped really badly, also, bad font combinations and kerning. On the coloured pages, some were full - size, some were cropped as mentioned before.

Conclusion: This might be a great book for others, but not me, to say the least.