The Elite

The Elite - 'Kiera Cass'
Kiera Cass’s The Elite is a must-read for fans of dystopian fiction, fairy tales, and reality TV. This sequel to The Selection will enchant teens who love Divergent and The Bachelor.

I weighed Maxon and Aspen in my heart over and over, and neither of them ever had a true edge. Except, maybe, when I was alone with one of them.

That's it. That's basically the whole book: America switching back and forth from Maxon to Aspen. It's like Cass is trying to satisfy all of her fans.


I appreciate Cass's efforts of making this better by adding the detail of Illéa's diary, but don't. This would be even better if it's only a romance novel, not as some dystopian one. It looks like she's trying to shove all of the information on the Internet into The Elite. New Asia, especially. lol

Conclusion: Overall, extremely boring to read. Will still read the 3rd one though.