Ame & Yuki - Những Đứa Con Của Sói

Ame & Yuki - Những Đứa Con Của Sói - Mamoru Hosoda I didn't think that there would be a day when I actually like a story about human and wolf falling in love. Well, guess there's a first time for everything.

The story revolves around Ame and Yuki - the children of a wolfman (?) and a girl named Hana. This books is an alluringly - written tale of the struggles that their family had to face, growing up without the present of their father and of the ways that both Ame and Yuki have chosen to follow, to step into adulthood.

I took a strange liking to Yuki. Maybe because we share the same reason behind our name?

Yes, it's a simple story, however a memorable one. Recommended to anyone who is a fan of Shinkai Makoto, Hosoda Mamoru, or even Ghibli films.