Holy Bible: King James Version

Holy Bible: King James Version - Anonymous Haha.I don't even know what to write. Have to read this for school and it took quite a long time.

- Eh, I thought this book would be an amazing thriller: lots of deaths, rapes, wars, sacrifices, etc. Sounds exciting, no?
- Some accurate historical facts.


- Okay, religious views aside, this book was poorly edited and just seemed like a bunch of books put together in one, zero character development, a bunch of bias, too long to get the point across, etc. Somehow I highly doubted most of the people who rated it 5 stars didn't actually read all of it.
- How the hell is this the best - selling book of all time?
- Extremely boring.
- I hate the characters. All of them. Especially Lot aka the dude who offered up his daughters to be gang raped.
- Lacks consistency.