The Heir

The Heir - Kiera Cass EDIT: I changed my mind. The more I think about this, the more I hate Cass's series. 2 stars -> 1.5 stars

- This was rated 1.5 stars mostly because Eadlyn, bratty or not, is still way more refreshing than her mother. I'm sick of America. Although, to be honest, Eadlyn is not even a wise leader, let alone the heir to the throne. She was described as "manipulative", however in reality very childish and constantly whining. Of course, 2015 is feminism's year, so better go along with it, right? Every single heroine is becoming exactly the same.

It felt like the universe was plotting against me, its arms taking turns swatting me down.

You've been using the same sentence in 2 books.

"Smell this," I insisted, holding up a jar to Kile.
"What's that?"
"Saffron. Doesn't it smell delicious?"

It's not a very good idea to store saffron in jar, given the palace's kitchen is a very luxury one. It would be better to wrap it in foil to avoid light exposure.

- Cass's dedication to God: I'm not going to make a comment on it. However, she (probably unconciously) inserted it in to The Heir, which raised a question: Why did the whole world turn into monarchy and what are their religious systems?

Who should win

I would be very happy if Kile win. Not for the sake of romantic moments, but for Illéa. A person who is as intelligent as Kile would be a nice prince consort, and the papers would be "all about childhood friends becoming lovers". In conclusion, very beneficial. The only downside (that I can see) is other provinces complaining about the royal family being unfair, but other than that, none.