Hardboiled - J.A. Cipriano Received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Okay... so this book started with the "dumb teenager on adventure" cliché, which, to be honest, made me somewhat expected it to be not very good. I am going to list what I like and dislike about it:

- The ending of the chapters: it's kinda cliff hanger - y so it'd make the readers want to read the next one.
- The events in the book are detailed, so far no plot holes that I found.
- The last 2 chapters basically left me go WTF. Good idea there, Cipriano.

- The first 50 pages or so were kinda repetitive. I still have the word "reverberate" stuck in my mind right now.
- Lillim's character: okay, this is the only book that I've read in the series. But she's supposed to defeat numerous supernatural creatures before, right? It seemed to me that she's really egotistical, always thinking that she could easily defeat something and then went "Oh shit" in the end, then BOOM! Something magically happened or she's regained her power and now's fine.
- Japanese -y weapons powered by Egyptian gods and goddesses sound really corny.
- Lillim's feelings for Connor made the book less interesting. Just my thought.
- Book cover. (not going to count this in my rating though)
- "Main character's parent(s) convieniently go out for an extended business trip, etc. so the main character could do whatever the hell they want." thing.
- Dude keeps being obsessive that his daughter has a normal life. "Normal teenage girl things" is also stuck in my head.
- Thes got naked. Lillim blushed. Somehow reminded me of Twillight (sorry for comparing that trash to your book).
"Yes. It's under the Prince of Space and Time," my boyfriend replied with a sidelong glance at me.

Really, Caleb? Reeaaally?

Also, a few errors:

- "He smiled his dad smile at me that made me blush and look away from him."
- "I'm sorry, but I can't do things that."
- "under me bed."
- "staring at him face"
- "I opened my senses, letting the magic in the air flow around me as shut my eyes,"
- "'Hello, I'm Lillim. This is my friend, Thes. We mean you know harm.'"
- "a horrible angry that gushed up from me before I could stop myself."


- "his body will die before long before Thes frees his soul."
- "His jersey was melted away as a gout of blue flame faded away."

Favourite part in the whole book: "That was when I died because my heart exploded, and I became completely insubstantial as I tried to melt through into the ground and hide amongst the grass."

I apologised for my shitty English, I'm not a native speaker. Thank you for the free copy of the book :).