Under Wraps

Under Wraps - J.A. Cipriano Received this book for free in exchange for honest review.

Well, 2.3 stars to be exact.

- Egyptian Mythology is my thing .◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.
- The weapon, khopesh, fits nicely with the time period.
- The fact that Thes is a very dumb narrator, and it suits his personality so well.
- Less typos than the previous book.
- It's nice to see that you've finally hire a proper designer for the cover.
- The descriptions of the places are accurate, or at least they seem so.


- The puns.
- This is even more repetitive than [b:Hardboiled|25472964|Hardboiled (The Lillim Callina Chronicles, #5)|J.A. Cipriano|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1430654828s/25472964.jpg|45243170]. Evidently, Thes saw spots dancing across his visions, other people loves to poke him hard in the chest, and "only ... only". Also, thunder shook every single time a god / goddess speaks it became really annoying.
- Harem.
- Thes and Aziza walked to the cave. Assuming that Cipriano was talking about the Sannur Cave, they need to cross the Niles in order to get there from the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, in later chapters, he acted as though he just saw the river for the first time.
- Even more grammatical errors.
- Everyone speaks English without any translation tools.
- Lacks characters ' development.
When I was a young girl, I always wanted a dress like this, but we couldn't afford it.

Judging from the cover, there aren't really any ornaments on Aziza's hair, so she was probably a peasant. Aziza is not a real Egyptian princess, plus there haven't been any case of adopting princesses in Ancient Egypt royalty. And still, why did Thes keep refering Aziza as "mummy princess"? Is he really that dumb? Oh no.
- The whole "inner wolf" thing really reminds me of Fifty Shades.
Throughout this journey, she had been more than willing to share every facet, every single of iota of information with me.

*Sighs*. Now we know Thes also has a very bad memory.
The book was lighter than I expected, weighing less than a comic book, but as I tried to thumb through it, I found I couldn't open the cover.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remember correctly, doesn't binding books with hardcover started in the Western world at about 4th - 5th century? Before that, doesn't there exist other formats, like scrolls for example?

- Personally, I thought that the appearance of Ptah (assuming the husband you were talking about is him) is a lazy move to speed up the book. I was hoping that maybe you would leave the end of this story in another sequel.

She's a cat god. Of course it works that way.

No, actually it doesn't.

- Comparing human eyes to trashcan lids.
He pushed a pair of gold wire rimmed glasses up his nose and stared at me.

"The oldest known lens was found in the ruins of ancient Nineveh and was made of polished rock crystal". The original drawing of Thoth doesn't show him wearing any glasses. It's kind of lame, actually. (sorry)

Favourite part: "Interesting," was all Apep said. He squeezed so hard the pharaoh's head actually popped off his shoulders, shooting into the air like a cork from a champagne bottle.

Haha. Even if it doesn't sound realistic, it was hilarious. Thank you for this scene.

Conclusion: Although there were definitely improvements, it's still not well - written enough to be rated 3 stars. Thank you for the free copy of the book though.