Wuthering Heights (Librivox Audiobook) - Ruth Golding, Emily Brontë

First thought after finished this book: Wow, everyone is either an asshole or an idiot.


- I was very excited to read this at first, since I'm sick with the kind of books that have "everyone live happily ever after".
- The imagery and allegory.
- The dark and twisted work that Brontë created, it's fun to read about it.
- Narration - within - narration technique.


- The characters. I just don't care about them. Most of them are so immature and whine about nearly everything.
- The narrator. It's such a good idea to let a housekeeper retells the story after like, 2 decades? And, we know that she loves gossip and read books, which means she might has added some fictional details to the original story.
- Too much drama. It's the 19th century equivalent of Twilight with elaborated revenge plots.
- Brontë surely has terrible taste in men.
- (view spoiler)
- Too many events in one single book, and the characters' development are still shallow?
- It's not really necessary to kill of that many characters, and somehow, still didn't make the story any better.

Conclusion: I never thought there would be a day when I'd rate a classics 1 star. Everyone I know loves this book. . . But I guess I was wrong then.